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Efie online is a website where you can conveniently buy or rent your ideal housing property devoid of the traditionally time consuming and waste of money practice of personal visits to number of houses before rental or the purchase decision is made. Efie online is a classified website focusing exclusively on estate properties, apartments, and rooms for purchase and rental purposes. Our website provides customers with as much information as possible to get an in-depth insight into each listing on our website. We achieve this by providing auxiliary information on our listings, and high quality and detailed images and videos of the listings to make it appear on our site the same as personal viewing

by any buyer at the location of the said property.

Due to our quest to provide credible information on our site and deliver exciting customer experience, we only allow partner agents who have gone through training from us to post their advertisements or listings on our website free. Notwithstanding, we further confirm all information and carefully review all ads that are being published, to make sure the quality is up to our standards. To become a partner agent, just get in touch with us on Contact us.